Hi, my name is Bella and I am a 10 year old entrepreneur. My inspiration comes from my Uncle Geoff. He taught me to fight for what I want and to dream big. He is up in Heaven with the angels now, but I know he would be so proud of what I have accomplished.

Can you believe that I am only 10, and not ready for make-up, but I am still worrying about what goes on my face? Some people are way older than me and are not worried about the ingredients in the products they buy.

I have developed a product called Bella Balms! They are not only fun flavored lip balms, but all natural, Synthetic Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free and Vegan! I am saving the bees too!

Please be sure to go check out my teen/tween line and stay tuned for my Bella Balm of the month club, tutorial videos, and fun new products!

Love, Bella